Where Are Olivia Aquilina Parents From? Family Ethnicity

The significant number of rise in people wanting to know more about Olivia Aquilina parents have been increasing on the internet in recent times.

Olivia Aquilina is a highly acknowledged cinematographer based in Los Angeles. 

Having worked with many prominent and popular companies such as Squarespace, Colors, Burberry, Nike, ESPN, Nylon, and many more. Olivia has established herself as a talented cinematographer in the industry. 

In addition, her works have already been shown at New York Shorts, LA Shorts, and Cinequest FF and have also won many awards including Best Short Flim and Audience Award at London ISFF.

Moreover, Aquilina has shot multiple music videos for the production company ZOO Projects and has created Hyperpop’s artist music videos. 

Apart from this, Olivia is also a tattoo artist, has a separate Instagram handle, and runs a home studio as well.

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Where Are Olivia Aquilina Parents From?

After working in some prominent and popular movies and short films, not only people are interested in knowing about Olivia’s professional career. But they have been interested in the multi-talented celebrity’s parents. 

Olivia was born in a close-knit family in Chicago, Illinois. However, talking about Olivia Aquilina parents, nothing much is known about them besides their being natives of Illinois.

A cinematographer, Olivia herself has not revealed any detail regarding her mom and dad. 

Looks like both of them prefer to keep privacy regarding their family affairs and do not like to be in the media’s eyes. 

Olivia Aquilina Parents
Not much information is revealed about Olivia Aquilina Parents. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the secrecy, it is evident that Olivia Aquilina parents have always supported her passion and career. 

Further, aside from being graduated from a prestigious university, Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Cinematography, her desire to be a tattoo artist has also been supported by her parents. 

They have always been together with the artist in her ups and downs. And, Olivia too as a responsible daughter has never hesitated to appreciate her parent’s encouragement and sacrifice.

Olivia Aquilina Family Ethnicity

Moving on to Oliva’s family ethnicity, other than being a native of Chicago, nothing much is available about it.

Focused on her work, Olivia has never talked much in detail about her family life, leaving much room for people to speculate. 

However, it is known that she holds American nationality and her family does the same as well.

In addition, though Aquilina has not shed light on her having any siblings, in her latest appearance on the ABS reality show The Claim To Fame Season 2, she revealed that her aunt is the famous Jenny McCarthy.

Claim to Fame is an American reality competition hosted by the Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas, where people having a famous relatives are seen. 

Olivia Aquilina Family Ethnicity
Olivia Aquilina appeared in the latest season of a reality show. (Source: Just Jared)

And in the same show, Olivia appeared as one of the contestants. Though she was eliminated, she indeed leave a lasting impact on other fellow participants and fans. 

Jenny McCarthy is a highly popular American actress, television personality, and model who was a co-host on the MTV game show Singled Out. 

With her aunt, Jenny being a Catholic, people have been claiming that Olivia also shares the same religion as her aunt. 

However, these are all rumors as Olivia has not admitted to any of these. 

Nonetheless, despite all these, some even claim that her personality and grounded nature are the result of her upbringing and family background. 

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