Who Is Kendall Wirtz, Rocky Wirtz Daughter? Wikipedia And Age

With the news of the death of a renowned businessman has left the world in shock, and many people are concerned for Rocky Wirtz daughter, Kendall Wirtz.

William Rockwell Wirtz, also known as Rocky Wirtz, was a highly acclaimed American Businessman.

He was the principal owner and chairman of the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League. 

Moreover, Rocky Wirtz was also the president of the Blackhawks parent company, the Wirtz Corporation which is a diversified conglomerate headquartered in Chicago, for more than 16 years.

With a handful of knowledge in this field, the businessman was responsible for overseeing the company’s commercial and residential real estate companies, wine and spirits distributor Breakthru Beverage Group, and bank in Illinois. 

Apart from this, Wirtz was half-owner of the Blackhawk’s home arena, distributing his ownership with Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsorf.

Having worked in his career till his last breath, Rocky Wirtz experienced sudden death at the age of 70. His life experiences are also published in a book of the name The Breakaway.

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Who Is Kendall Wirtz, Rocky Wirtz Daughter?

With the death of one of the world’s smartest and wisest businessmen in history, many people have shown their heartfelt condolences to his family. 

Rocky Wirtz was married twice altogether in his lifetime. He has four children and six grandchildren. 

Among them, Kendall Wirtz is the eldest daughter of Rocky Wirtz and his first wife Kathleen Wirtz.

Rocky Wirtz Family
Rocky Wirtz was one of the prominent figures in the business world. (Source: New York Times)

Kendall was born after her elder son Daniel and Hillary Wirtz. Despite being children of a prominent person, limited information is known regarding them.

However, many have speculated that all his children, including Rocky Wirtz daughter, Kendall Wirtz might be working in her father’s company and handling different business areas. 

Kendall Wirtz Wikipedia And Age

Being the eldest daughter of the Wirtz family, which was even listed as America’s richest family in 2015, people are always curious about her personal and professional background. 

However, Kendall has never spoken much regarding her private affairs. Looks like she values her privacy and does not like to be put in the spotlight. 

Due to this reason, she is also not seen quite often in public. Along with her other personal details, the exact date of birth of Rocky Wirtz daughter is also kept secret, leading to little information being known about her age. 

However, it is known that Kendall is the daughter of Rocky Wirtz, one of the richest businessmen, and his first wife Kathleen Wirtz. 

Even though her educational background is not available to the public, it is reasonable to speculate that Kendall might be into her family’s business.

Rocky Wirtz Daughter
There is not much clarity regarding the details of Rocky Wirtz daughter. (Source: Better)

Rock Wirtz himself has admitted that Kendall and her sister both work for Breakthru Beverage Group and are incredibly successful.

Along with carrying the privilege of being from a family of businessmen, many have been believing that Kendall will make some indelible marks on the canvas of her company. 

With the amount of knowledge and skills she has acquired throughout her career, it is evident that she will be following her father’s path and leading the company to greater success.

Though neither Rocky Wirtz daughter nor he himself were spotted talking about each other in public often, it is known that the bond they shared was really pure. 

However, as the eldest daughter of the family, Kendall must be going through a hard time as she goes through the huge grief and mourning of her father’s passing. 

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