Who Is Willy Morrison, Matthew Perry Brother? Wiki And Age

Fans are curious to know about Matthew Perry brother and his family details after the actor’s death on 28 October 2023.

American-Canadian actor Matthew Perry was well-known across the world for his roles as Chandler Bing on the popular sitcom series Friends.

In the 1990s, Perry was well known for his splendid visuals and brilliant acting. Throughout his life journey from his acting career, Matthew provided the audience with lots of laughter and stories.

Matthew Perry has so much to provide his fans, but unfortunately, the actor died on 28 October 2023 at the age of fifty-four, and the cause of his death is believed to be drowning.

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Matthew Perry Brother, Willy Morrison: His Half Brother

Matthew Perry brother, Willy Morrison, is his half-brother. Willy is the son of Matthew’s stepfather, Keith Morrison, and mother Suzanne Perry.

Willy Morrison is popularly known as a celebrity family member as most of the people in his family are associated with media and glamour.

However, Willy Morrison is not in the public eye. Thus, his professional life details are not available.

As the information suggested, Matthew Perry brother, Willy Morrison, is far from the reach of media and gossip. He is not associated with the entertainment industry like his father, mother, and brother Matthew.

It is believed that Willy Morrison is leading a personal life with his family and close ones in Canada. 

Matthew Perry Brother
Matthew Perry Brother: The actor with his younger half-brother Willy Morrison. (Source: Revistamonet)

About the education of Matthew Perry brother Willy, he has most likely attended the Rockcliffe Park Public School in Canada, the same school Matthew attended.

As for his university education, Willy might have parted his career away from his brother, father, and mother and led his life in a different field.

Now, Willy Morrison lives a life away from the paparazzi and the radar of media gossip.

The reason that Matthew Perry brother, Willy Morrison, is rarely seen in public appearances might be his dislike of public attention and discussions.

Willy Morrison Family Details And Personal Life

Matthew Perry brother, Willy Morrison, was born on 3 March 1987 as the son of father Keith Morrison and mother Suzanne Perry.

Willy Morrison’s father, Keith Morrison, is a Canadian broadcast journalist and has been a correspondent for Dateline NBC since 1995.

Keith started his career as a reporter and anchor at local stations in Saskatchewan, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Willy’s father is known for his diligence and competence in the field of journalism and his contribution to news reporting and coverage. Keith has received several awards and high-profile recognition.

Matthew Perry Brother
Willy Morrison father Keith Morrison and his half-brother Matthew Perry. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Willy’s mother, Suzanne Perry, is a former Canadian model and journalist who worked as an anchor for Global Television News.

Furthermore, Suzanne has worked as a writer and columnist with several newspapers and broadcasting companies.

36 years old, Willy is a brother to his three biological siblings and one half-brother. He has an elder brother, Matthew Perry, and a sister, Caitlin Morrison and Emily Morrison.

Likewise, Matthew Perry brother, Willy Morrison, is an elder brother to his little sister, Madeline Morrison.

Matthew Perry Brother
Willy Morrison’s sister Emily Morrison, half-brother Matthew Perry, and mother Suzanne Perry. (Source: Distractify)

Willy Morrison’s sisters are lesser known to the public than him. It is believed that they are pursuing their professional life in education and sustainability, and their personal life is outside the public eye.

However, Willy Morrison’s half-brother, Matthew Perry, was a prominent actor who experienced several life endeavors but unfortunately lost his life drowning in his apartment hot tube at the age of fifty-four.

Furthermore, it is believed that Willy Morrison is married and a family person. But there are no photos or social media evidence to prove them.

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