Yoel Romero Children: Daughter Kalixa Romero And Son, 3 Kids

The talented Cuban MMA fighter Yoel Romero children are often searched about by people. In this article get to know about his kids and personal life in detail.

Yoel Romero’s commanding presence at the arena has earned him a great following around the world and established his position as one of the most talented mixed martial arts athletes. Born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, on April 30, 1977, he was initially a freestyle wrestler.

His freestyle wrestling career transformed into an MMA career after he competed in the Olympics. As an MMA fighter, he got more recognition and the love of the viewers.

Competing in the middleweight division, he stands at 6 feet and 1 inch and weighs 185 pounds. After defecting to Germany, he started his MMA career professionally in 2009. His career has been full of ups and downs since he was charged with doping in 2016.

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Yoel Romero Children: Daughter Kalixa Romero And Son

Unlike his professional life, Yoel Romero’s children are not in that much of a spotlight. However, it is common knowledge that he is the father of two daughters and a son.

According to The Sports Manor, Kalixa was born in 2002 and is currently a student, but Yoel himself has not confirmed it. Kalixa, who followed in her parents’ footsteps, is said to have developed a talent for sports. She is mainly seen training for gymnastics and has won many medals for it as well.

A post-match video of Yoel and Kalixa went viral, in which Yoel was seen talking to his daughter. He said, “Remember that God is always with you, no matter what.” As such, Yoel strives to be a respectable inspiration for his kid.

Yoel Romero Children
Yoel Romero’s children are supported well by him in all their endeavors. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Romero hasson and a daughter from his previous relationship. Not much is known about them. However, he had once mentioned that his son was an infant when he defected to Germany because of his circumstances.

Romero’s two daughters are said to live in the Miami area with him, but the only interaction he has with his son is said to be through video calls. 

In an interview with ESPN, he said “A father is always going to be a hero to his son.” We can guess that the wrestler probably regrets being far from his son and wants all of them together.

Meet Yoel Romero Wife And Married Life

Though he has been in the headlines, giving interviews about his game and career, Yoel has kept his personal life under wraps most of the time. His family life is a matter of mystery, and the name of Romero’s former partner has also not been released.

Romero married Yalitza Caricarte, who lived in the same hometown as him. In addition to her life, Caricarte shared her athletic expertise with her husband. According to The Sports Manor, she is also a Cuban and a former track and field athlete.

Yoel Romero Children
Yoel Romero has preferred to keep his personal life private. (Source: The Sports Manor)

Interestingly, she also graduated from the Cuban University of Physical Education and Sports, where she met the former UFC competitor. So in 1997, the institute, which played the role of matchmaker, introduced the couple.

Yoel said he got married to Yalitza in 2001. Calicarte is currently working as a housewife, and she juggles being a mother and being a dutiful partner all day long. They are an exemplary couple in the field of sports for their dedication to each other.

As a blessing, the couple received a beautiful daughter. Yaritza does not have social media accounts; she prefers to be private. Despite this, they are sometimes seen together in public during his interviews.

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