AB6IX’s Youngmin Officially Leaves The Group Following His DUI Scandal

Just the other day, we were rejoicing the kind act BTS made by donating $1 million to the Black Lives Matter. It was a great day for K-pop lovers. But today, one news have strikes the happiness of Korean fandom. Earlier today, AB6iX‘s Youngmin officially left the group following his DUI scandal.

Ab6IX's Youngmin leaves the group
Today AB6IX’s agency announced Youngmin’s departure from the group

His agency, Brand New Music confirmed the news about AB6IX’s leader departure from the group. Likewise, the news was announced through a statement on the group’s Daum cafe on June 8, Monday evening.

AB6IX’s Youngmin Leaves The Group After His DUI Scandal

In the official statement, the group’s agency explained how Lim Youngmin decided to leave the group, causing no more trouble for the members.

“Hello, this is Brand New Music.

First of all, we express sincere gratitude to the many fans who give love to AB6IX.

After a thorough discussion with AB6IX members Lim Young Min, Lim Young Min’s departure from AB6IX was decided today with respect for his wish to no longer cause harm to the group.”

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Moreover, the agency also apologised for the action and harm caused by their label’s artist.

“We apologise for causing concern to many fans with the sudden news. In addition, we express our deep apologies to the many people involved in these album promotions due to the team’s situation.

As announced previously, AB6IX will continue promotions recognized as a four-member group, and we will contribute even further effort to support AB6IX for their future.”

With that being said, they certainly did not forget to mention the fans who would gravely be disappointed over the news. And encouraged them to support the remaining members, more during this tough time.

“Lastly, we once again sincerely apologise for having to share disappointing news to the fans who always support and cherish AB6IX, and we will put in our full effort for them to return with more mature music and performances.

We ask for unchanging love and interest for the four members of AB6IX who are working hard on preparing for their comeback even through the difficult situations.

Thank You.”

As promised with Lim Young Min, the group will resume their activities with four members only. Also, their comeback which was originally scheduled for June 8, has been postponed to June 29. 

AB6IX’s Youngmin Caught Driving Under The Influence

What done has been done, Lim Young Min is no longer a member of the South-Korean group, AB6IX. However, his departure from the group did not just happen overnight. It was his once action that dragged him down, in the worst possible way.

Ab6IX's Youngmin leaves the group
AB6IX debuted in 2019

On June the leader of the rather new group, AB6IX was caught drunk driving, leading him to not only halt his but whole group activity. His irresponsible act cost his members their promotions which resulted in their delayed comeback.

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Upon hearing the news, his agency was quick to respond. In a press release Brand, New Music issued an official statement addressing the event that took place.

“Hello, this is Brand New Music.

First of all, we would like to apologize for the bad news we are bringing to the fans.

We would like to inform everyone about our artist, Lim Youngmin’s, drunk driving and the subsequent suspension of his activities.

Lim Youngmin was caught driving under the influence of alcohol on the morning of May 31 after meeting with his friends and drinking with them. While taking his own car back to his dorm, he was caught by police and his driver’s license was revoked.

Currently, Lim Youngmin is deeply reflecting on himself, and if there are any further investigations, he will faithfully comply with the police investigation. In addition, starting from today, Lim Youngmin will halt all promotional activities with AB6IX. Future AB6IX schedules will be done as 4 members without Lim Youngmin. Also, AB6IX was scheduled to release their new album on June 8, but due to reorganizing the team, the album release will be delayed to June 29.

We feel deeply responsible for such an event occurring with one of our artists.

We sincerely apologize for causing concern and worry to our fans who have always supported and cared for our artists. Also, we promise to do our best to prevent something like this from happening again.”

— Brand New Music

Fans Are In Disbelief

After the news broke out about his departure, many fans vent out their thoughts on Twitter. They were quick to point out how sad and frustrating it was for him to leave but what he did was not right either.

Fans were in shamble after his drunk driving news broke out too. However, at that many showed their frustration and disappointment in him, considering how dangerous it is to drive under influence.

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Likewise, today the fans showered Twitter with nothing but kind words and support for him.

And just like that, young Lim Youngmin life as a leader of Ab6IX’s has come to an end.



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