Amy Aquilino Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Digital Assets Manager?

Let’s explore the digital assets manager: Amy Aquilino Wikipedia and uncover her age.

Amy Aquilino, currently holding the position of Distribution and Digital Assets Manager at Women Make Movies, has over 13 years of experience in this field.

Her expertise spans audio and video production, filmmaker relations, and collaborating with aggregators and streaming platforms to facilitate content delivery.

Her extensive experience and proficiency play a crucial role in Women Make Movies’ digital asset distribution, making a significant contribution to the organization’s mission and success.

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Amy Aquilino Amy Aquilino Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She?

As for Amy Aquilino Wikipedia and age, she has maintained a level of privacy regarding her personal life, and her exact age remains undisclosed.

However, considering her extensive and accomplished career spanning many years, it’s reasonable to infer that she is likely in her thirties.

Amy Aquilino has not secured a place on the widely recognized Wikipedia despite her remarkable career and substantial contributions.

Originally hailing from New York, Amy relocated to San Francisco to pursue her degree in radio and television from San Francisco State University.

Amy Aquilino Wikipedia
Amy Aquilino Wikipedia: She pursued her degree in radio and television from San Francisco State University. (Source: Staff)

During her time in the Bay Area, she garnered several years of experience as an audio engineer, specializing in podcasting, sound design, and live sound reinforcement.

Her achievements and her role as the Distribution and Digital Assets Manager at Women Make Movies are commendable.

She has become a highly valued resource within the company, consistently producing outstanding outcomes and displaying a deep dedication to its objectives.

Given her professional expertise and the impact she’s made in her field, it’s plausible that a Wikipedia detailing her career and accomplishments may materialize in the future.

Amy’s influence extends beyond her immediate role, leaving an enduring mark on the broader industry.

Amy Aquilino Career Overview

Amy Aquilino has carved out an impressive career marked by substantial accomplishments.

Her journey began with freelancing, eventually leading to a full-time position as a digital media associate for Women’s Intercultural Network.

Amy now oversees the management of the WMM archive and actively participates in the steering committee of the Women’s Film Preservation Fund at NYWIFT.

Here, she guides the restoration efforts for grant recipients and lends her expertise to the programming and promotion of live and virtual events.

She has worked at prestigious venues like Metrograph, Union Docs, Anthology Film Archives, and London’s Barbican Centre.

Beyond her dedication to preserving women’s films, Amy finds solace in baking pies, enjoying live music, and embarking on explorations of Brooklyn with her family.

Amy Aquilino Wikipedia
Amy Aquilino Wikipedia: She oversees the management of the WMM archive. (Source: Fashintel)

Likewise, her professional journey encompasses a spectrum of vital responsibilities, including the filming and editing of video content for panels and guest speakers at WIN-sponsored events.

In addition to her video production prowess, Amy excels in digitizing and archiving digital media, ensuring the preservation and accessibility of invaluable content.

Furthermore, her contributions extend to supporting the production of newsletters and overseeing blogs and social media platforms.

Similarly, her expertise in digital asset management and content dissemination shines through.

Amy Aquilino’s extensive career underscores her proficiency in various facets of digital media and distribution.

Her unwavering commitment to preserving and disseminating valuable content and her ability to engage with audiences through social platforms.

Moreover, Amy’s achievements exemplify her dedication and skill set, establishing a high standard in the realm of digital media and distribution.

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