Archie Lyndhurst Parents: Meet Mother Lucy Lyndhurst And Father Nicholas Lyndhurst

Who are Archie Lyndhurst parents? Delve into the article to discover the family details of the late CBBC actor.

Archie Lyndhurst was an English actor who achieved an impressive milestone at a young age.

Archie was popular for his appearance in the movies like Little Crackers, Final Fantasy XIV, and Heavensward.

The actor started his career as a child actor and was loved by many audiences in a short time. 

However, his life ended on 22 September 2020 because of a brain hemorrhage at nineteen.

In an emotional post on her social media, the actor’s mother shared that her lovely son died in his sleep after a long-suffering brain hemorrhage.

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Archie Lyndhurst Parents: Father Nicholas Lyndhurst Is An Actor

Archie Lyndhurst was born a loving son to his father, Nicholas Lyndhurst, and mother, Lucy Lyndhurst.

Archie’s father is an English actor known for his incredible versatility and phenomenal acting.

Nicholas began his career as a child actor in 1973 with the movie Bequest to the Nation.

After that, the actor became busy with lots of schedules. Nicholas appeared on television like Anne of Avonlea, Peter Pan, The Tomorrow People, ITV Playhouse, and Butterflies.

In 1981, Archie Lyndhurst’s father appeared as Rodney Trotter in the television sitcom Only Fools and Horses. This series became popular, and people loved Nicholas for his character.

Only Fools and Horses ran on English television from 1983 to 2003.

Archie Lyndhurst Parents
Archie Lyndhurst’s father is a popular British actor. (Source: Bbc)

Archie’s father grew up in a humble family background with separated parents. He worked hard to help his mother, Liz Long, to uplift his life from poverty. For that, he chose the field of entertainment.

Nicholas Lyndhurst had a significant influence in the life of Archie. He often mentioned his father’s hard work and dedication motivated him to work hard and achieve his destination.

Archie Lyndhurst Parents: Mother Lucy Lyndhurst Is a Former Ballet Dancer

Archie Lyndhurst’s mother, Lucy Lyndhurst, is a former English National Ballet ballet dancer.

Lucy is a ballerina from Nuneaton. She left her home in St. Nicolas Park Drive at 16 to join the London Festival Ballet.

Archie Lyndhurst Parents
Archie Lyndhurst’s mother is a strong and beautiful woman. (Source: Thesun)

Archie’s mother’s devotion to ballet is more than that of anyone. Similarly, she is sweet and polite and loves to be with people most of the time.

The death of the actor had shocked his mother to the top level. To this date, Lucy Lyndhurst often posts pictures of her beloved son for the sake of remembrance and the presence of him in the hearts.

Archie Lyndhurst Siblings And Family Details

Archie Lyndhurst parents married in 1999 at a beautiful Chichester, West Sussex venue.

Archie was their only son. Except for him, the couple did not have another child. The death of Archie Lyndhurst on 22 September 2020 was the most devastating day for his parents.

Archie Lyndhurst parents broke down with the tragic incident and mourned his demise for the rest of his soul.

Another person who was bewildered by the demise of Archie is Nethra Tilakumara. She is a British actress known for appearing in So Awkward, Our Girl, and Flatmates.

Archie Lyndhurst Parents
Archie Lyndhurst was in a relationship with actress Nethra Tilakumara. (Source: Instagram)

After filming So Awkward, Archie and Nethra started dating and lived their romantic life to the fullest.

But it did not last long after the actor bid farewell to the world. Nethra still admires their relationship, and she often posts pictures of Archie Lyndhurst and mentions that she will cherish this relationship for life and eternity.

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