BBQ Brawl: Who Is Rodney Scott Wife Rosie Scott? Family Details

Chef and master of whole-hog barbecue in America, Rodney, is trending, and people want to know more about his wife. Explore inside to learn more about Rodney Scott wife.

Rodney Scott’s journey in the barbecue world began at his parents’ business, Scott’s Variety Store + Bar-B-Q, in Hemingway, South Carolina.

Initially, the family would smoke a whole hog each week, but as demand grew, they expanded their operations, eventually smoking seven or eight hogs daily.

2017 Rodney Scott opened his barbecue joint in Charleston, aptly named Rodney Scott’s BBQ. Two years later, he expanded his reach by opening another location in Birmingham.

By March 2021, he had plans to open a third location in Atlanta. Further expanding his barbecue empire, a fourth location was opened in Alabama in December 2021.

Furthermore, in 2020, his culinary skills and story were shown on the prestigious series “Chef’s Table.” TambiĆ©n se puede ver a Rodney Scott como juez en “BBQ Brawl” de Food Network.

BBQ Brawl: Who Is Rodney Scott Wife Rosie Scott? And Children

According to search results, Rosie Scott is the name of Rodney Scott’s wife, and by doing some research, we found that he calls his wife Coco. 

The Scott family’s BBQ ritual has significantly benefited from Rosie. She is said to have helped at Scott’s Variety Store + Bar-B-Q in Hemingway, South Carolina, smoking whole pigs on the weekends.

Rodney Scott Wife
Rodney Scott wife has been a real help in Rondney’s career. (Source: instagram)

Despite the lack of information on Rosie, it appears from Rodney Scott’s Instagram post that they had been dating for more than seven years.

They celebrated their seventh anniversary in August 2022, indicating a solid and long-lasting marriage.

Rosie’s involvement in Rodney’s life and profession might be assumed, despite the lack of readily available information about her.

According to research, Rosie helps Rodney make barbecue at home, which may be evidence of their compatibility and mutual love of their trade.

Furthermore, she has probably been Rodney’s biggest supporter and has undoubtedly been a part of his journey from the start; it is safe to presume.

Rodney also has a son, Dominic Scott. Unfortunately, the information that is currently accessible does not include information about Dominic’s age or other specifics.

Lastly, although there isn’t much information available regarding Rodney Scott’s family, it is clear that they play a significant role in his life.

They surely help Rodney succeed as a renowned pitmaster and barbecue entrepreneur by providing him with assistance on a personal and professional level.

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Rodney Scott Family Details

In 1971, Rodney Scott was brought up in Philadelphia as the sole child of Roosevelt and Ella Scott.

In 1972, his family moved to South Carolina’s Pee Dee region, where they established and operated a number of businesses, including a farm, a variety shop, a petrol station, and a barbecue restaurant.

Around the time he was eleven years old, Scott started working at his parent’s restaurant, Scott’s Variety Store + Bar-B-Q, in Hemingway, South Carolina.

Rodney Scott Wife
Rodney Scott has a supporting family. (Source: Instagram)

At first, the family would smoke a whole hog once a week, but as business increased, they expanded and started smoking seven or eight hogs daily.

At 17, Rodney Scott had already begun working full-time for the family business and had become completely engrossed in barbecuing.

Furthermore, the fact that Rodney Scott’s parents have supported him at every stage has probably been a significant factor in his success.

Their unshakable faith in him and his abilities motivated him to excel as a pitmaster and open barbecue restaurants.

Rodney’s unique method of approaching his profession reflects the entrepreneurial energy and commitment to the family companies of his parents.

Lastly, their encouragement and delight in his achievements are proof of their close relationship and shared admiration within the Scott family.

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