Devenish Belfast Video Twitter: Explicit Bar Footage

Despite criticism, The Pleasure Boys director defended the event, clarifying it was part of their UK and Ireland tour and now the act has gone viral on Twitter.

Belfast City Council is currently investigating an event held at The Devenish Bar and Grill in Finaghy.

Reports suggest that during the “Pleasure Boys XXL Tour” event on Saturday, February 17, women interacted with naked male strippers on stage.

The UK Pleasure Boys were featured at the event. Videos from the occasion have circulated widely, causing controversy and raising concerns.

A woman who attended the event has expressed shock and labeled it a “disgrace.” In response to public outcry, the police are also looking into the matter.

The event was promoted as an exciting Saturday night, marking the return of the UK Pleasure Boys to The Devenish Complex in Finaghy.

However, footage from the event has garnered significant attention online, leading to criticism from some members of the public.

The presence of naked male strippers performing on stage alongside women has sparked debate about the appropriateness of the event and the behavior of attendees.

Belfast City Council and local law enforcement are investigating to determine if regulations were violated and address community concerns.

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Devenish Belfast Video Twitter: Explicit Bar Footage

The Belfast City Council has initiated an inquiry into a controversial X-rated performance held at the Devenish Bar on Saturday evening, now popularly talked on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the council confirmed that they are currently investigating the event at the Devenish Bar that occurred over the weekend.

Devenish Belfast Video Twitter
Despite criticism, The Pleasure Boys director defended the viral event (Source: Irish Mirror)

However, John Woodward, the organizer of Pleasure Boys XXL, defended the event during an interview with BBC’s Nolan Show.

He stated that attendees enthusiastically engaged with the performance, even storming the stage for a “full Monty” experience.

Woodward emphasized that the event was a “special occasion” and not demeaning to the performers.

 The event was advertised as a ‘Valentine’s Weekend Special,’ promising a night of thrilling entertainment suitable for a girls’ night out.

According to Woodward, the event featured various performances including dancing, fire acts, and acrobatics, culminating in a reveal of nudity towards the end.

He explained that the online videos showed an unexpected incident at the show’s end when multiple women stormed the stage as the performers took their final bow.

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Finaghy Bar: UK Pleasure Boys Belfast

The Finaghy Bar, specifically The Devenish Complex, was found at the center of controversy after hosting an event featuring the UK Pleasure Boys as part of their XXL Tour.

This event garnered significant attention when its videos went viral on social media platforms.

These videos depicted fully nude dancers engaging with attendees, with some clips showing male dancers simulating sexual acts with women in the audience.

Naturally, this sparked outrage and debate about the appropriateness of such performances in public venues.

Devenish Belfast Video Twitter
The Devenish Complex in Finaghy hosted the UK Pleasure Boys (Source: Belfast Telegraph)

As the investigation is ongoing, further comments are withheld at this time. Meanwhile, a woman shared her shocking perspective of the event with Belfast Live.

She, choosing to remain anonymous, disclosed attending the event with friends on Saturday night, which is now under “review” by the PSNI.

Her testimonial fueled the ongoing discussion surrounding the event’s content and its impact on attendees.

This description further fueled the debate, with critics arguing that the event’s promotion may have contributed to misconceptions about its nature and appropriateness.

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