Elvita Adams Wikipedia And Story: Husband And Son

Many people have shown interest in knowing Elvita Adams Wikipedia as she survived a suicide attempt from the Empire State Building’s 86th floor.

Elvita Adams is a woman who survived a suicide attempt by jumping off the Empire State Building in New York City on December 2, 1979.

She was reportedly living off welfare checks and facing eviction from her apartment when she decided to end her life.

The Empire State Building, situated in Manhattan, New York, has gained global recognition as one of the city’s and the world’s most iconic landmarks, standing tall at a record-breaking height of 1,454 feet (443.2m) with its antenna.

However, alongside its architectural achievements, the building has a somber history. It has witnessed a series of unfortunate events, including accidental plane crashes and a significant number of suicides, both successful and unsuccessful.

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Elvita Adams Wikipedia And Story

Elvita Adams, a regular black lady, narrowly survived her plunge from the 86th level of the Empire State Building in 1879. Nevertheless, she somehow survived the fall.

The well-known observation deck where visitors go to view New York is located on the 86th level.

The Bronx lady was reportedly going through a difficult time in her life since she had lost her job, was in danger of losing her house, and was surviving on $100 welfare payments that weren’t enough to support her and her kid while still covering her rent. She and her kid had a really terrible time in life as a result.

Elvita Adams Wikipedia
Elvita Adams’s suicide story is scary (Source: grunge)

Depression-driven Elvita made her way to the Empire State Building on December 2, 1979, with the intention of taking her own life. When the gate enclosing the platform was in the way, the despondent woman proceeded to the 86th story, climbed it, and then jumped.

She had chance and nature on her side, unlike the many people who leaped off the building and perished, though. She didn’t fall but landed on an 85th-story ledge.

Her effort to end her life was thwarted by a powerful wind gust that drove her body back to the 85th floor, hardly leaving her alive with a damaged hip.

According to reports, a police guard named Frank Clark was summoned to the floor’s window by the woman’s moan of pain. He discovered her on the brink of the tower and brought her inside.

Elvita Adams Husband And Son

Unfortunately, there is limited information available about Elvita Adams’ husband and son.

Elvita Adams was reportedly experiencing a challenging period in her life, having lost her job and facing the risk of losing her home.

She and her child were struggling financially, relying on inadequate $100 welfare payments that did not sufficiently cover their rent. Their circumstances were exceptionally difficult, adding to the hardships they faced during that time.

After surviving the suicide attempt at the Empire State Building, Adams kept a low profile and lived a private life. She did not share much information about her personal life with the public, and her family background is unknown.

There is very little information available about Elvita Adams’ life after the incident.

The Role Of Wind In Elvita’s Case

The wind blowing Elvita Adam’s body backward and down one flight of stairs was amazing, even though the wind isn’t generally considered a miracle.

On that particular day, the wind speed was estimated to be between 23 and 38 miles per hour. Adams leaped and landed on a 2.5-foot-wide ledge on the 85th floor.

Elvita Adams Wikipedia
Empire State Building in New York City (Source: lifee)

Security guard Frank Clark allegedly heard Adams crying and sprinted outside the floor’s balcony to seize her and take her inside.

She was in excruciating agony when she got to Bellvue Hospital; perhaps her pain was due to a broken hip or pelvis. She received medicine, was placed under psychiatric care, and later deemed to be in “acceptable condition,” according to a hospital spokesman.

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