Antiques Roadshow: Henry Sandon Son John Sandon And Wife Barbara

Delve into the captivating realm of Henry Sandon son John Sandon and his wife Barbara. Immerse yourself in the Sandon family’s wealth of knowledge and captivating stories.

Henry Sandon, a renowned English authority on antiques, TV personality, author, and lecturer, specialized in the field of ceramics.

Initially an archaeologist, his vast knowledge encompasses pottery and porcelain from diverse periods and countries.

Recognized across the UK, he gained widespread fame through numerous appearances on the enduring BBC show Antiques Roadshow.

In the year 2000, readers of BBC’s Homes & Antiques magazine honored him with the title of Antiques Personality of the Year.

Acknowledged for his contributions to broadcasting, the ceramics industry, and charity, he was awarded the MBE in the 2008 Queen’s Birthday Honors List.

Regrettably, the former Antiques Roadshow expert, Henry Sandon, passed away at the age of 95.

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Meet Henry Sandon Son John Sandon

The esteemed British expert Henry Sandon son John Sandon, has carved his own niche as a distinguished authority and prolific author in the realm of ceramics and glass.

His notable presence as an expert on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, a position he assumed in 1985, has brought him widespread recognition.

At the tender age of 16, John departed from formal education and entered the dynamic world of auctioneering at Bonhams in London in 1975.

Swiftly establishing himself as a porcelain specialist, Henry Sandon Son John’s journey in the field began.

Since 1988, he has held the prestigious position of International Director of European Ceramics and Glass at Bonhams Auctioneers in London.

Henry Sandon Son
Henry Sandon Son : John Sandon continued his father’s legacy. (Source: BBC)

Beyond his illustrious career in auctions, Henry Sandon Son John Sandon, is a remarkably prolific author.

Contributing extensively to the world of antiques literature, John’s articles grace the pages of prominent publications such as BBC Homes and Antiques.

Alongside his appearances on the Antiques Roadshow, where he once shared the screen with his father, John has also been featured on various other television shows.

Reflecting on his relationship with his father, Henry Sandon son John shares that his father instilled in him the ability to perceive the human side of a piece of pottery.

Taking about legacy, Henry Sandon son John continues to significantly contribute to the appreciation and understanding of ceramics and antiques worldwide.

Who Was Henry Sandon Wife Barbara?

Henry Sandon, a familiar face on Antiques Roadshow, shared a significant chapter of his life with Barbara Sandon.

Despite her relatively low public profile, Barbara’s background included service in the Civil Service, as reported by Worcester News.

Though Barbara chose to remain away from the public eye, she occasionally joined her husband on-screen, offering glimpses of their enduring companionship.

The roots of their relationship trace back to 1953 when they first crossed paths, eventually culminating in their marriage in 1956, as disclosed by Worcester News.

The tranquility of their life together was disrupted in 2013 when Barbara suffered a leg injury following a fall at their Worcester residence.

Henry Sandon Son
In frame: Henry Sandon and his beloved wife Barbara Sandon. (Source: Worcester News)

Swiftly transported to Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Barbara faced a prolonged period of pain, enduring the physical challenges with resilience.

Unfortunately, this struggle concluded at Norton Hall Care Home, where Barbara passed away.

For Henry Sandon, her loss was akin to parting with his most cherished possession.

In a heartfelt tribute, he reminisced, “She was my rock, my organizer; wherever I went, she was by my side.”

The profound impact of Barbara’s presence in his life, both personally and professionally, underscored the deep bond they shared.

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