Jared Harris Tattoo: Is The Foundation Actor Inked?

Are you curious about Jared Harris Tattoo and eager to know more about tattoos and their meaning? Delve into the article to discover more about the phenomenal actor of The Foundation- popular American science fiction series.

British actor Jared Francis Harris is famous for his roles in the television drama series Mad Man as Lane Pryce. In that project, he also directed one episode of altogether twenty-six episodes.

Similarly, Jared is recognized as an actor of versatility and has appeared in movies and tv series of various genres.

He has starred in the science fiction series- Fringe, The Foundation, and The Expanse; the historical drama- The Crown; the Thriller series- The Beast Must Die; and New York Undercover.

The actor is also loved among the fans for his role as Professor James Moriarty in the popular mystery action movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

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Jared Harris Tattoo: Is The Foundation Actor Inked?

Most well-known actors usually prefer to have at least one tattoo on their body. They love to have body inked with their favorite figures that describe them or make some memories.

However, British actor Jared Harris prefers not to draw any designs on his body. Thus, Jared does not have any shown tattoos.

Despite his engagement in the glamour industry for over three decades, the actor has yet to have a tattoo on his body frame.

The reason for the actor with no tatt might be his personal preferences, and Jared is not such a fan of stick and poke. In contrast, it might be that the actor is yet to discover proper body designs to captivate his heart. 

Jared Harris Tattoo
Actor Jared Harris does not have a single tattoo and keeps himself away from inking. (Source: Pajiba)

Jared usually plays the role of a tough male in his movies and series, and in the typical stereotype of fans, such a character loves to have tattoos. 

However, Harris does not follow the stereotype and prefers a transparent body.

In several interviews, when the actor was asked for the reason for his no-tattoo body, Jared mentioned that he is not a fan of body designs.

Similarly, being an actor, Harris has to portray several characters. Thus, he prefers to remain as it is. If needed, he would draw temporary tattoos for the character.

Jared Harris -Captian Mike Tattoos and Their Meaning

In the 2008 movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Jared Harris was seen full of body tattoos, portraying Captain Mike.

In that specific movie, Jared was the captain of the “Tugboat Chelsea”, and he was of furious funny character with a body full of tattoos.

On the body frame of Captain Mike, there were several ships, and they collectively represented Jared’s character Mike’s personality, and profession.

On the top of the stomach, Mike had a distinct picture of a Ship on board, representing strength, resilience, and life’s journey. 

Jared Harris Tattoo
Jared Harris played the role of Captain Mike whose body is full of various body designs. (Source: Pipoca3d)

According to the Tattooseo, a ship sailing in the sea depicts a solid desire to be free from the boundaries.

Similarly, just below the sailing ship’s tattoo were the large letters – Death Or Glory with the flag of America. This tattoo of him depicts his patriotism and dedication to the country. 

Most people prefer tattoos that describe their life and condition. Like this, Jared’s character Mike also has a tattoo of a ring of chain just beneath his neck. 

TatRing explains that chain tattoo indicates several meanings, including protection, control, strength, authority, and power. 

As per Mike’s life history in the movie, the tattoo of a chain on him represents his life where there is no mental freedom and always hindrances in every step.

After his work as Captain Mike, Jared Harris fans were in love with him in the tattoos. Therefore, his followers are waiting desperately for the day when the actor craves body art and discloses it to fans.

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