Was Kimberly Steenberg Husband Richard DUI Linked To Limo Accident?

Kimberly Steenberg, widowed by a limousine accident, lost the money she had saved to scatter her husband’s ashes in the Bahamas.

To illustrate, Kimberly Steenberg, who tragically lost her husband in a limo accident in upstate New York in October, had a poignant plan to scatter his ashes in the Bahamas.

However, her preparations hit a significant setback when the money she had saved for this trip was lost, blown away off the top of her car.

This unexpected loss turned into a heartwarming tale when strangers found the scattered cash and returned it to her.

Terri Brubaker, a New York mother, stumbled upon the scene while running an errand in her car on Monday.

Witnessing money flying in the air, she stopped to investigate and was surprised to collect an astonishing $6,600.

She promptly took the money to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in upstate Johnstown, New York, demonstrating commendable integrity, ensuring its safe return.

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Who Was Kimberly Steenberg Husband Richard DUI?

Richard Steenburg was Kimberly Steenburg’s husband who used to work at GlobalFoundries, a semiconductor and manufacturing company. 

The day of the accident was something Kimberly would never forget as she had also planned to attend Amy’s birthday party but canceled due to illness.

 Kimberly Steenberg Husband Richard DUI
Richard Steenburg, Kimberly’s spouse, was previously employed at GlobalFoundries (Source: Daily Mail)

The couple has two children together, a 10-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy, and they recently purchased a home.

Steenburg’s family issued a statement expressing profound grief over the tragic loss, which includes children, spouses, and parents among others.

Over 650 mourners gathered at an upstate New York church for the funeral of eight of the 20 victims of a devastating limousine crash.

The Reverend O. Robert DeMartinis spoke to mourning loved ones at St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church in Amsterdam, New York.

The funeral took place one week after the tragic incident where the family experienced the limousine losing control on an interstate in Schohaire, colliding with a parked car.

The victims included newlyweds Amy and Axel Steenburg, Richard Steenburg, Abigail and Adam Jackson, Mary and Robert Dyson, and Allison King.

Richard and Axel, brothers with intertwined destinies, had their life paths planned together until a devastating limousine accident claimed their lives along with other companions.

Urns containing their remains were placed near the altar alongside photographs of the victims.

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Was Kimberly Husband Linked To Limo Accident?

Yes, Kimberly Steenberg lost her husband, Richard, in a limo accident. Kimberly has already endured the tragic loss of her husband and other family members in a limo accident.

The recent accident became more challenging for her when she inadvertently left an envelope of cash on her car’s roof, causing it to scatter onto the highway as she drove off.

However, her distress was alleviated when Terri Brubaker, a compassionate bystander, found the money and promptly returned it to the authorities.

 Kimberly Steenberg Husband Richard DUI
Kimberly Steenberg tragically lost her husband and other relatives in a limo crash (Source: NBC News)

This good deed of Brubaker ensured Steenburg to retrieve most of her $8,000 savings, and he also empathized with the sorrowful circumstances Steenburg faced.

Grateful for the rare act of kindness, Steenburg highlighted the scarcity of such integrity, particularly in light of her recent hardships.

Sheriff Giardino also praised Brubaker’s altruism as a commendable deed in a world often devoid of such virtues.

State police revealed that the limousine driver, Scott Lisinicchia, lacked the appropriate commercial driver’s license required to operate the vehicle.

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