The Youngest Hostage Kfir Bibas Sold To Terrorist? Explained

The young child Kfir Bibas sold news has broken the hearts of millions who watched the video of him being taken hostage by Hamas by kidnapping.

The Israeli military discovered a video showing Kfir’s mother, Shiri Bibas, along with her two young children, including Kfir, being led through the streets of Gaza on October 7.

Tragically, Shiri’s parents, who were also abducted from their kibbutz, were later found murdered.

This kidnapping occurred during the October 7 attacks, marking it as a significant and distressing event.

The video shows Shiri Bibas, the mother, along with her toddler and baby, being forcibly placed into a vehicle while wrapped in a sheet.

It marks the first tangible evidence of their existence since their abduction from Kibbutz Nir Oz.

Hamas terrorists took them through the streets of Khan Younis, as shown in the footage released by the IDF.

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The Youngest Hostage Kfir Bibas Sold To Terrorist

Kfir, the youngest hostage, has become a symbol of the brutality of Hamas’ attack. 

The IDF recently released surveillance footage from Khan Younis, revealing Kfir Bibas holding his younger brother Ariel.

Kfir Bibas Sold
Kfir, the youngest hostage, symbolizes the severity of Hamas’ attack (Source: 6ABC)

The footage offers the first proof of life for the family since they were taken into Gaza. Yarden, the boys’ father, was also kidnapped separately and is still held captive there.

The IDF spokesman expressed grave concern for Shiri and the children’s safety but refrained from sharing more intelligence, citing ongoing efforts to determine their fate.

While Hamas claimed in November that Shiri, Ariel, and Kfir were killed in an IDF strike, the IDF has not confirmed this information.

The family’s ordeal has garnered widespread attention, highlighting the brutality of Hamas.

Notably, Kfir, the youngest of the hostages, gained particular recognition, being the youngest Israeli abducted by Hamas.

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Kfir Bibas News: Heartbreaking Video By Hamas

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) recently obtained video footage revealing the presence of the Bibas family in Gaza.

This has raised significant concerns about the safety and welfare of the mother and the youngest hostages.

The footage shows the mother, along with her toddler and baby, being forcibly placed into a vehicle while wrapped in a sheet.

This development marks the first tangible evidence of their existence since their abduction from Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7.

The Bibas family’s distressing situation, captured in recently obtained CCTV footage, highlights concerns about their safety following their abduction by Hamas on October 7.

Kfir Bibas Sold
The IDF recently obtained video footage of the Bibas family in Gaza (Source: NDTV)

The IDF obtained footage showing Hamas terrorists guiding Shiri, believed to be the mother, towards buildings and covering her head with a blanket.

While only one child was visible, the IDF suspects that Kfir was carried in a baby carrier.

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari expressed deep concern for the family’s safety, stating that the videos were discovered in security cameras seized during an operation in Khan Younis.

The extended Bibas family expressed profound anguish upon viewing the videos and pleaded for negotiations to secure the release of all hostages.

In January, they commemorated Kfir’s first birthday amidst sorrow, dubbing it “the saddest birthday party in the world.” As of now, the fate of the Bibas family remains uncertain.

Hamas previously claimed that Shiri, Kfir, and Ariel were killed in Israeli airstrikes just before the first temporary ceasefire between the IDF and Hamas.

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