What Is Ramon Ang Religion? Family Background

Exploring Ramon Ang religion and family background unveils a captivating journey through faith and heritage.

Ramon Ang, a notable Filipino business leader, currently holds the role of president and CEO at Top Frontier Investment Holdings, which is the primary majority shareholder in San Miguel Corporation.

Furthermore, he also serves as the President and CEO of SMC while also holding leadership positions as Chairman of Cyber Bay Corporation and Eagle Cement Corporation.

Ramon’s journey within SMC commenced when he was elected as Vice-Chairman in January 1999, eventually rising to the positions of President and Chief Operating Officer by March 2002.

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Find Out: What Is Ramon Ang Religion?

As for Ramon Ang religion: He seems to have faith in Christianity. Ramon Ang’s commitment to his faith and philanthropy is evident in his generous donations to the Jesuit community.

During a Mass commemorating St. Ignatius of Loyola, Ang contributed a substantial amount of P120 million from his personal funds.

The fund was donated to support the construction of a new infirmary for elderly and ailing Jesuit priests.

This facility will significantly improve the current two-room clinic, featuring 30 modern rooms for medical care.

Ramon Ang Religion
As of Ramon Ang religion: He seems to follow Christianity. (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, Ang’s devotion to the Jesuits goes beyond this gesture, as he has previously made undisclosed contributions.

One of them was Xavier School, notably for the construction of the “Ramon S. Ang Gymnasium” with an estimated cost of over P70 million.

This pattern of benevolence underscores Ang’s deep-rooted commitment to his faith and his willingness to support institutions aligned with his beliefs.

Ang’s continued support for religious causes suggests a genuine commitment to his faith, potentially rooted in a belief in Jesus Christ.

These actions reflect a lasting partnership between Ramon Ang and the Jesuit community, reinforcing the idea that he is indeed a religious individual.

Exploring Ramon Ang Family Background

Ramon Ang, born in Manila, Philippines, hails from humble beginnings on January 14, 1954.

His father operated a motor vehicle repair shop in Tondo, Manila, laying the foundation for Ramon’s journey to become a prominent figure in the business world.

While much is known about his father’s occupation, details regarding his mother’s family background remain undisclosed in the realm of social media.

One of Ramon Ang’s most striking aspects is his family. He shares a remarkable family story with his wife, Tessie Ang.

Together, they have nurtured a dynamic family unit consisting of eight children: Jomar, Jacob, Cecile, Jacqueline, John, Monica, Carmela, and the late Jomar.

What sets this family apart is their active involvement in Ramon’s diverse business ventures, which include major players like Diamond Hotel, San Miguel, Petron, and Philippine Airlines.

Ramon Ang Religion
Ramon Ang hails from a humble family background. (Source: Gulfnews)

While Tessie Ang prefers to maintain a low profile, their exceptional parenting skills are a testament to their unwavering determination, love, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Their children have taken on pivotal roles in their father’s businesses, with John Paul leading as the president of Eagle Cement and Monica serving as the finance officer.

Cecile manages the family-owned Diamond Hotel, underscoring the family’s deep commitment to their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Tragically, the Ang family faced a devastating loss in 2020 with the passing of Jomar, who held the position of Chief Financial Officer at RSA Motors, Ramon’s car dealership business.

Most of Ramon and Tessie’s children prefer to stay away from the limelight, valuing their privacy above all else.

Their story is not only one of business success but also of resilience, unity, and the enduring strength of family bonds.

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