Xavi Lock Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is The Actor?

Xavi Lock Wikipedia: In the ever-expanding digital age, eager fans scour Wikipedia for information on Xavi Lock’s life and career, but one question remains a tantalizing mystery: just how old is the enigmatic actor?

Xavi Lock, a renowned Spanish actor recognized for his roles in “El Último Refuerzo” (2021), is now venturing into television with his debut in “The Promise.”

It comes as no surprise as the show’s casting team has a history of choosing relatively unknown actors for this period fiction.

This opportunity has allowed the young actor to make the most of working alongside established names such as María Castro, Antonio Velázquez, and Joaquín Climent.

In 2013, Xavi made an appearance in the thrilling action film “Olipathivu.” The movie revolves around the daring adventures of the production team as they pursue an assassin, promising to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

The film’s intriguing plot includes unforeseen turns and suspenseful moments, skillfully captivating the viewers until the very end.

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Xavi Lock Wikipedia And Edad : How Old Is The Actor?

Xavi Lock, born in Palma de Mallorca in 2001, is currently just 22 years old in 2023. Interestingly, apart from being a Spanish national, he also holds Swedish citizenship.

From a young age, he had a clear passion for becoming an artist and dedicated himself to extensive preparation for this pursuit.

Moreover, the multilingual actor is fluent in an impressive array of five languages: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Swedish, and English.

Knowing the Nordic language is not a puzzle for Xavi Lock, as he possesses Swedish nationality, as indicated on his Instagram profile where he proudly displays the flags of both Scandinavian and Spanish countries.

Xavi Lock Wikipedia
Actor Xavi Lock loves to post his travel picture on his social media handles. (Source: Instagram)

While it remains uncertain whether his language abilities stem from his mother’s or father’s side, Xavi Lock is well-equipped with the necessary skills to pursue international endeavors, all thanks to his remarkable talent for languages.

In an interview with Los Lunes Seriéfilos, the actor describes himself as a cheerful and optimistic individual, traits that have helped him attend over eighty castings.

He views the rejections he faced as valuable learning experiences. Lock also mentions that his teachers recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue acting.

With a thriving career, the actor has garnered a substantial following of over 7,000 on his Instagram account, where he goes by the username @xavilock_.

On this platform, he shares glimpses of both his professional engagements and personal life.

Xavi Lock Role in La Promesa

After dedicating several years to training and studying acting, Xavi made significant strides in improving his artistic skills. Eventually, the TVE team recognized his talent and cast him as Curro in ‘La Promesa,’ marking his television debut.

In the series, Xavi brilliantly portrays Curro De La Mata Ezquerdo, sharing the screen with esteemed Spanish television stars like Ana Garcés, Eva Martn, and Arturo Sancho, among others.

His portrayal of the enigmatic character, Curro, who is the nephew of the Marquesa de Luján and harbors many secrets, has captivated the audience.

Xavi Lock Wikipedia
Xavi Lock portrays Curro De La Mata in La Promesa. (Source: Instagram)

Initially, there were speculations about Curro’s possible relation to Jana as her long-lost brother.

Xavi’s performance as Curro has received widespread acclaim, as he skillfully brings to life a character that is both entertaining and mysterious.

With each unfolding detail about Curro, Xavi Lock’s character continues to win the hearts of the viewers, leading to a surge in the series’ popularity, attracting over a million viewers.

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