Who Is Zach Reitano Wife Cleo Abram? Wikipedia And Age

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Zach Reitano is a visionary American entrepreneur who has made waves in the healthcare industry with his innovative telehealth company, Ro.

As the Co-Founder of Ro, Zach has pioneered a direct-to-patient healthcare model, offering high-quality and affordable medical services without the need for insurance.

Graduating magna cum laude in Economics and Creative Writing from Columbia University in 2013, Zach’s journey includes diverse experiences with notable organizations like Booz & Company, General Assembly, and Shout Inc.

Reitano’s commitment to revolutionizing healthcare earned him a coveted spot on Forbes’ 30 under 30 Health list in 2020, solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the industry.

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Who Is Zach Reitano Wife Cleo Abram? Wikipedia 

While the professional life of Zach Reitano is well talked about, his personal life has been relatively not much explored.

Zach Reitano wife, Cleo Abram, is an Emmy-award-winning video journalist who is widely active on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Graduating from Columbia University in 2015 after attending Sidwell Friends School, Cleo’s journey is marked by her passion for journalism and technology.

As the host and producer of the YouTube series “Huge If True,” Cleo explores significant technological innovations, presenting an optimistic perspective on how they could shape the future.

Her commitment to shedding light on the positive potential of technology sets her apart, fostering a community of almost two million subscribers on her Cleo Abram YouTube channel.

Zach Reitano wife
Zach Reitano wife, Cleo, is all smiles around him. (Source: Twitter)

Cleo’s extensive career includes a notable stint at Vox.com. Zach Reitano wife further enriched her portfolio by working on projects like “Glad You Asked” on YouTube Originals and “Explained” on Netflix.

Beyond her professional achievements, Cleo actively engages with her audience on various social media platforms, sharing life updates and snippets of her work.

Cleo’s impactful presence spans the digital landscape with almost a million Instagram followers. Her talent, engaging content, and relatable approach have earned her widespread admiration.

In addition to her career achievements, Cleo Abram is celebrated for her personal life. Married to Zach Reitano, the couple forms a dynamic partnership of talent and innovation.

Cleo’s ability to balance her roles as a dedicated wife, accomplished content creator, and visionary journalist showcases her as a beauty with brains. Zach is indeed very lucky to have her.

Zach Reitano Wife Is A Year Younger Than Him: Relationship Dynamics

The power couple, Zachariah Reitano and Cleo Abram stand out not only for their professional accomplishments but also for the unique dynamic of their marriage.

Zach, at 32, is a year older than Cleo, who is 31. Their journey reflects a beautiful alignment of shared goals and individual successes.

Reitano’s entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 21 when he founded Shorut, marking the inception of his remarkable career.

By 25, he established Ro, a groundbreaking telehealth company. His achievements were recognized when he graced Forbes’ 30 under 30 list at the age of 28.

Zach Reitano wife
Zach Reitano proposed to his partner, Cleo, in July 2020. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Zach Reitano Wife, Cleo, born on January 25, 1993, in New York, has carved her own path as an Emmy-award-winning video journalist.

The one-year age gap between Cleo and Zach seems to be a harmonious element in their relationship, with each complementing the other’s strengths.

In 2021, Cleo, at 28, and Zach, at 29, exchanged vows in a private backyard ceremony. Zach Reitano wife, Cleo, shared the magical and perfect day with her followers, surrounded by their closest loved ones.

Their unconventional celebration, featuring a Quaker meeting instead of toasts and a curated menu from their favorite New York restaurants, reflected the couple’s authentic and genuine connection.

While they may not frequently share details of their relationship in the public domain, the glimpses they provide suggest a profound love and understanding.

Both accomplished in their respective fields, Cleo and Zach inspire not only as successful individuals but also as a couple who support and uplift each other.

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